Advanced Intelligent Buildings Ltd

Adopting a whole life cycle approach to design, project management and long term building operations, AIB is a unique building services consultancy specialising in sustainable solutions for a low carbon economy. Our mission is to deliver a new generation of intelligent buildings capable of maintaining a low carbon economy, but also to increase business performance by improving the health & well-being of the building occupant.

The global development of more efficient and effective intelligent buildings is not by choice, it has become a necessity, and AIB is at the forefront of creating real and practical solutions to support future intelligent buildings. Delivering tangible solutions for our clients, AIB places value at the fore of its delivery, offering our clients the best possible return for their investment decisions.

Our strategic & collaborative approach from inception through to hand-over, positions AIB uniquely, enabling sustainable solutions to be tailored and developed to meet specific client expectations. The success of our delivery is supported by 5-key sustainable building principles:

  1. Recognition that a whole life cycle approach delivers log-term value.
  2. Designing for a low carbon economy sustains business performance.
  3. Business focussed operations delivers direct cost savings.
  4. Occupant Health & Well-being increases the opportunity for success.
  5. Intelligently designed buildings support smarter cities and businesses.

AIB is committed to delivering building engineering designs that are not only intelligent, but drive long-term environmental and sustainable solutions in support of an efficient & effective workplace.

"Designing buildings for a sustainable future is in the interest of everyone!"

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